A Few Drinking Rules That You Will Need To Keep In Mind

A Few Drinking Rules That You Will Need To Keep In Mind

There is no doubt that perhaps the best place to hang out while you are bored is at the bar. This is because a pub or a bar is where most people come with a free spirit and a spree of joy. However, it can not always be conceded that a few people also come to drink with a sober mind. Be that as it may, if you are considering looking out for a facility to drink at a bar, there are a few rules like traditions that you need to follow. 

A few etiquettes that you will need to follow

You need to know that drinking is considered an act of socializing amicably almost in all counties. Thus, irrespective of whether you are at small party venues in Philadelphia drinking or not drinking, there are a few things that you will do better to remember. Below are a few traditions of drinking while you are at a bar. 

It is not acceptable to turn down anybody’s drink.

A party is an accumulation of various people, and out of many, a few might like your presence; thus, if anyone offers you a drink, you will know its respect. You need to know that it is considered very rude in Russia not to accept the offer of anyone offering you a drink. 

However, if you are engaged with someone or not interested in drinking alcohol, you can pass most sweetly. Ensure that you are not hurting anyone’s feelings, as you are not allowed to do so. There is also one thing that you must remember is never to drink vodka with any mixers but to drink raw. 

It is best not to make a toast with beer.

While you are drinking in a group and considering making a toast, it will be perhaps best not to raise a toast while drinking beer. It is entirely acceptable to toast with wine and whisky but never with beer. Hence remember, whether you are at a bar or not, you should not raise your glass with beer. 

It is best to be dressed well

Although it’s a bar doesn’t mean that you can wear whatever you can. It is best to put on some good clothes while you consider going to a bar to drink. You can pick some casual or evening outfits for the night as there is no harm in looking dapper at the bar.

You are not to fill your glass with wine.

It is a thing most people know that you are not to fill the glass with wine. It is a fact that people would like to savor their wine; hence you are expected to do the same with your wine. There is also another side of not filling the glass with drink, and that is to help you not to guzzle your drink.

Wait for someone to pour it for you if you are on a date.

If you are on a date, make sure to wait for the water or the one serving to pour the drink for you. It is one of the basic etiquettes you will have to remember while drinking. It is also a way of showing respect to the person you have come on a date with.

If you’re looking for small party venues in the Philadelphia area, Fabrika is a great option. We have a stage for live music or entertainment, a dance floor, and a bar area.

A Few Etiquettes While Making Your Way At An Entertainment Club

A Few Etiquettes While Making Your Way At An Entertainment Club

There is no doubt that performers at a bar are such adult entertainers most men would like to experience once in their lifetime. The act of revolving the body and the way of doing the fan dance is no less than art. Hence it can be considered an act of dance with a twist.

When it comes to entertaining the audience at an eatery, it will not be wrong to consider these places like temples, where there is no religious rigor or iconography but full of beautiful women. If you want to make your entry at one such bar, you must remember a few things; in that regard, you can concede them as a few principles that you need to follow.

A Few Etiquettes To Remember

Considering entertainment at famous restaurants in Philadelphia to be a shrine where women are the goddesses, you must follow a few rituals. These rituals are mainly the etiquettes you need to strictly observe if you need to be in the stripping game. Below are the few protocols you need to maintain if you want to make your entry at an adult bar. 

Best Not To Be Distracted

Of course, the entertainer is a woman putting off clothes for you while standing tucked in, and not paying much attention will bother the performer. Hence, texting or attending a phone call can wait while you enter a bar. It is best not to use your phone at all. However, in case of an emergency, what most you can do is tuck in a few couples of dollars to the performer and take a leave. This is likely a way of saying sorry for being inattentive. 

It Would Help If You Never Photographed The Stripper

At Fabrika you will find a lot of female dancers and they never allow any visitor to either photograph or record the performances. You must never forget, even if you are intoxicated, never commit the crime of photographing without permission. Even if you book a private slot, you must never forget that you are not allowed to take photographs.

Paying Alms Is Highly Appreciated

Paying just an entry fee for the bar is a way for you to entertain yourself; however, that doesn’t make you credible enough to indulge in the divine performances. Remember that these performers do Olympic-level pole tricks to entertain you, so just paying the entry fee won’t be enough to gaze at the version and the beautiful visage.

Learn To Control Your Lust

Remember that you have made your entry into an adult bar doesn’t mean you will forget that you are a civilized being. Hence, it is expected that you will wear your manners and have the basic etiquette to control your lust; remember, people, go to a club to get entertained by the strippers and not behold the spectacle you made.

It would help if you also recognized that a quality place like Fabrika does not allow the visitors to touch the performer at any cost inside the premises. So, if you would like to pay, all you can do is tuck a few dollars in the girdles.

When you are looking for a quality bar cum restaurant where you can get entertained, Fabrika would just be a perfect choice. You can contact us to make a further booking.

How To Choose A Restaurant For A Night Out With Friends

Restaurant For A Night Out With Friends

Hosting a party offers a great opportunity to treat your friends and loved ones to a memorable occasion filled with conversation, connection, and fun. But as the host of the event, your role extends beyond serving delicious food and amazing drinks—it’s important to set an amazing vibe to ensure all guests feel comfortable, welcome and special.

When it comes to choosing the right venue for your party, you want tasteful decor, a fantastic menu, and prompt and courteous service, right? Luckily, some of the best bars in Philadelphia are happy to oblige.

Key Points Before Booking A Restaurant For A Night Out

If you are planning a private party for friends and looking for the perfect venue but don’t quite know where to start, we thought it would only be fair to share our tips for finding the perfect Philadelphia party venue to suit your needs.

Philadelphia is brimming with options, so to kickstart your Philly party venue search, the following tips will help you whittle down your options:

Immaculate Planning

While hosting a private party, planning is key. The more orderly and specific your approach, the more likelihood of your guests feeling at ease from start to finish.

To get started, shortlist two to three restaurants and visit each one of them to see the interiors in person, and maybe even try the food. Check the prices and availability on the date and time of your event. If you want to play it safe, you can choose a restaurant where you have been before and know the food and the staff. Send invitations out a couple weeks in advance with accurate directions to get to the venue.

On the day of the party, check the arrangements before the guests arrive. Keep in touch with the management and staff during the party so things go smoothly.

Unforgettable Ambience

Ambience is that special ingredient that triggers people’s emotions. It makes people not want to leave. Key elements of ambience include lighting, music, sound, design, artwork, and space. Most restaurants are centered on a brand story. Everything placed in a restaurant must support and contribute in communicating the brand’s promise, theme, and vision. Choose a restaurant that resonates with you and your friends’ tastes.

A restaurant that makes most of its space can allow you to set up a mini dance floor, a DJ booth or even booths to serve more varieties of food. A restaurant with flexible lighting allows you to dim or brighten lights in tandem with the right music to set the mood. It’s always better to have the music playing before the guests arrive, since music gets virtually everyone in a cheerful mood.

Keep in mind, you can always choose to set the party in the main dining area of the restaurant and not a private room. Part of the fun is being around the energy and intrigue of a great restaurant.

Great Location

The location of your party can usually set the tone for your event. The most important aspect to consider is accessibility. It’s important to note whether the venue is easily accessible, is close to transportation, and has parking. If the venue is not easily accessible, you will have to arrange alternative transportation modes for your guests.

Variety of Cuisines

The menu and cuisine that a restaurant offers is one of the most important factors to consider while choosing the right venue for your party.It’s essential to find out what kind of food appeals to your guests.

Simplicity is the key, both in terms of cooking and in dishing out a meal. Italian and Mexican food never run out of vogue, they will always trend top on American food charts and should be present on your party menu.

As most of your guests will have different cuisine preferences, opting for a multi-cuisine menu makes sense. The restaurant should ideally have plant-based and gluten-free options to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Exquisite Drinks

Many learn the hard way that it’s always better to overestimate how much alcohol you will need than to run out of it midway through the party. Nothing makes people more at ease than a drink in hand and good food nearby.

It is essential to have drinks ready at a moment’s notice. The bar should be easily accessible and spacious enough to accommodate a large number of guests.

Fits Your Budget

Throwing a party in a restaurant can be more expensive than hosting one at home, but there are several major advantages: you can gather a larger group of friends together in a bigger space, serve them a wider range of dishes served by trained and efficient servers, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up.

If you aim to go all out and give your friends a great time, you will have to spend a fair bit. Still, you don’t want to overspend. Defining your budget early on in your planning is crucial.

When the party’s over, be sure to conclude it with a few words of appreciation. Walk your guests out and make sure that everyone’s transportation is secured.

Thank the restaurant management and staff who helped make your party a success. 

If you have a private party in the works, the contemporary decor, elegant furnishings, exquisite menu, and attentive servers make Fabrika a premier choice. The drinks menu is also extensive with delightful specialty cocktails, craft beer, and fine wines.

5 Key Points to Consider Before Your Next Special Dinner Out


Dining out is a social act, but can also be a very intimate experience. Your choice of a restaurant certainly matters in setting the right mood for a romantic dinner date.

Whoever initiates the dinner date should also pick the place. After all, gender roles are slowly disappearing. If you want to have dinner with someone, then ask them out. It’s that simple!

There is no dearth of exciting and elegant restaurants for a romantic dinner, but while choosing a dinner restaurant, be particular that it includes all that you require to impress your date to the fullest.

Top 5 Key Points To Consider Before Booking The Restaurant

Some couples prefer more romantic and sedate settings while others are more adventurous and open to more casual settings. Your choice of a restaurant tells about your preferences, your status, your taste, and how much you want to impress your beloved or date.

If you want to prepare the perfect dinner date for your special someone, you need to invest time, money, and effort to make it work. So here are five tips to make your dinner date one for the ages!

  • Value for Money

Good food and a great environment do not have to be costly. Choose a restaurant that is not pricey and fits into your budget. Elegance doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s more about the atmosphere of the place than the prices on the menu.

  • Relaxing & Romantic Atmosphere

A restaurant that is overly extravagant isn’t necessarily romantic. Look for an environment that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, rather than makes you sit up straight.

There are plenty of restaurants in Philadelphia that offer live music and feature local performers.

Good music and dim lighting enhance the atmosphere. Nothing kindles romance like a candle lit dinner. The right music can create memories that last a lifetime.

  • Delicious Food

Successful dining experiences are all about the trust between a restaurant and their patrons, and nothing strengthens this trust more than a well-cooked, delicious meal. Serving high-quality food can earn a restaurant a good reputation and compel patrons to visit repeatedly.

Imaginative preparations made with high quality ingredients help a restaurant set high standards. Continuous recipe development and quality ingredients sourcing are two of the most important steps in ensuring that high standards are maintained.

By checking online reviews and recommendations, you can easily determine which restaurants in Philadelphia have the tastiest food. It’s a good idea to check out the restaurant’s menu online to find out if they are serving a particular cuisine on the day you choose to be there. It is also essential to know what your date can eat and can’t eat while planning the romantic dinner.

  • Service of the Restaurant

Not even the best food can make up for second-rate service. Patrons and guests want sincerity and positivity from their hosts and servers and expect them to be as excited to serve as the patrons and guests are to enjoy their meals.

Servers should have outgoing personalities and the ability to multitask, move at a brisk pace, and perform under pressure with a smile on their face.

  • Special Arrangement Requests

Some restaurants let guests make special arrangement requests.
Common requests include seeking window seats, separate booths, or a candle lit dinner.

Of course, you can bring a smile to your date’s face by having flowers or a bottle of wine or champagne delivered to the table. If you have plans to propose during the dinner date, let the restaurant know your intentions in advance and ask them about private rooms or terraces that offer exclusivity. Public proposals can be nerve wracking.

The purpose of a dinner date is to relax and share time together over food and drinks that are mutually pleasing. Ending a dinner date on a positive note by thanking your date for coming and sharing quality time with you is a simple gesture that can go a long way in helping you set up the next one!

Dinner nights are a year-round thing at Fabrika. Fabrika is chic, yet casual and beautiful with authentic dishes and great service. There’s also a great beverage program brimming with mocktails, craft beer, attractively priced fine wines, and creative cocktails.

Bars are often full of friendly people, and some offer live music or other entertainment. Many bars serve great food too, giving you the chance to sample something new. Some also offer designated areas for intimate conversation if you’re looking for a quiet evening. 

Fabrika is a famous Philadelphia restaurant that services live music with delicious cuisines. Expect the unexpected—there’s nothing ordinary here! But you don’t have to break the bank to have a great time at Fabrika!

How To Choose A Bar For Your Next Night Out

Right Restaurant For Dinner Tonight

Whether you’re in the mood for a fun, festive, or contemplative night out, finding the perfect bar can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for! In this post, we share some helpful tips on how to find the right place and the best bars and cocktails in your neighborhood that will make your night out one to remember.

You have a great night for yourself. It’s about finding a bar that has everything you need to make your night special. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right bar for you, like the location, how long it takes to get there and whether or not they are busy on the weekdays.

  1. The most important thing to consider when choosing a bar is the kind of ambience you are looking for. If you like to socialize with people, you may enjoy a lively crowd where you can mingle and meet new people. By doing so, it’s more likely that you’ll find someone interesting.
  2. An excellent way to start is by looking up pictures and reviews of other people’s experiences in the bar you’re considering going to.
  3. The next thing to consider is the drink selection; this is an essential part of the night out for most people. Make sure that the bar is in your price range; after all, you want to have fun without spending too much money.
  4. Depending on your mood and the number of people at your party can all affect where you want to go. If you’re planning on going somewhere cool, sleek, and up-and-coming, then a more upscale cocktail bar is likely what you’re after. If it’s not too busy and you’re looking for a low-key environment with a variety of drinks that aren’t quite as pricey, then an old-fashioned dive bar is probably best suited for your needs.

What Makes A Great Night Out?

Bars are places where you can meet new friends or hang out with old ones. There are so many options when choosing one of the best cocktail bars, so how do you know which one is right for you? 

You can find all types of bars from dive bars, hipster bars and upscale lounges. There are many different types of bars around, each with its vibe and specialty. So what makes one bar stand out from the rest? They’ll have to have a fun staff, good music and drinks that you can’t keep your eyes off of.

What Type Of Drinks Are Popular In Philadelphia?

Every city has its favorite drink. They might have a signature cocktail that they’re proud of, or maybe they’re known around the world for one specific beverage. 

The nightlife in other cities is typically more focused on beer or wine than cocktails, but there are still plenty of drinks you can order in any city. The most common beverages are tequila shots and wine spritzers because those are the easiest to make ahead of time without too much drinking involved. 

It is possible to find a variety of cocktails to choose from. The most popular cocktails are beer, shot, and mixed drinks, but it can be hard to know what type of drink you want before you go out. Philadelphia is home to many bars with various liquors and other alcoholic beverages.

Venues With The Most Cocktail Bars

First, it’s important to consider how many cocktail bars a venue has. This is because cocktails are more fun to make when you’re in an environment where you can choose from various ingredients that you know and love. 

Once you’ve decided on how many establishments there are, you’ll want to find out the drink options themselves. For example, are there any specialty cocktails? If so, these will be your best bets for the night because they may not be as popular at other places.

Bars are often full of friendly people, and some offer live music or other entertainment. Some bars even serve food, giving you the chance to sample something new. Some bars also offer designated areas for conversation and intimate conversations if you’re looking for a quiet evening. 

Fabrika is a Philadelphia Restaurant that services live music with delicious cuisines. So, do you want to have fun with your loved ones? If yes, you must visit here.

10 Characteristics of Highly Successful Restaurants

Right Restaurant For Dinner Tonight

Owning and running a restaurant can be personally satisfying and lucrative too, but it is definitely not an easy proposition. 

Shifting demographics and ever-evolving lifestyles are providing the impetus to the restaurant industry. Though the future looks bright, many restaurants will fail in their first year. 

A great example of recent success is Fabrika in Philadelphia. Their team has carved a niche for itself on the Philadelphia culinary scene by serving consistently delicious and high quality nutritious dishes which loyal patrons have grown to love.  

Without a proper business plan, it is impossible to sustain a restaurant in the restaurant business. Besides great food and a good ambience, there are many other essential factors that a restaurateur should be knowledgeable about. Let’s discuss below the 10 characteristics that the best restaurants in Philadelphia possess.

1. Study of Restaurant Business

Many successful restaurateurs believe that working in someone else’s restaurants was the best preparation for owning and running their own establishment. 

Learning the ropes of the trade by working in another restaurant can give significant insight into how a restaurant is run. 

Besides practical experience, a simple but effective business plan should be in place which defines and describes the restaurant’s concept, its targeted market and location, menu and pricing, future earnings and expenditure forecasts, and staff recruitment, training, and retention policies. 

It is important to invest wisely to save costs without compromising on quality. It is also essential to invest in high-quality equipment for long-term and heavy-duty use.

2. Good Quality Food

Dining out is one of the favorite pastimes of the American public and enjoying good food is considered a major indulgence in the country. Having the best equipment and decor won’t matter if your restaurant is unable to prepare and serve good food. 

A good restaurant knows how to purchase, prepare, and preserve food to make sure its customers are being served the best quality dishes. 

Fabrika does not use refined sugar in any of its dishes. Meals at Fabrika are healthy and at surprisingly cost-effective prices. The portions are bigger compared to other high end restaurants.

3. Beverages

Restaurants offer a rich array of beverage choices, alcoholic and non-alcoholic to their customers. 

Beverages play an important role in our daily lives. Besides quenching our thirst and hydrating our bodies, beverages have become the drink for special occasions and social functions. 

Beverages have become more interesting, inventive, creative, and healthier. Gone are the days when sodas, coffee, tea, and milk were the only beverages available in restaurants.

Restaurants are now offering custom-made sodas, exotic iced and hot teas, and craft cocktails.

4. Location

The location of a restaurant will have as much impact on its success as the quality of the food it serves.

The target market determines the location of a restaurant. For example, if a restaurant intends to cater to families, it wouldn’t want a downtown location.

Customers prefer to visit a restaurant that is easily accessible and has an adequate well-lit parking area. Additionally, high traffic areas are usually the best spots for restaurants. The restaurant should be visible to people walking or driving by.

Location also plays a huge role in attracting and retaining employees. Employees are reluctant to travel to areas for work which are hard to reach or have a high crime rate.

5. Positive Guest Experience

The best restaurants provide a great dining experience to guests that exceeds their expectations. A positive guest experience ensures that a restaurant is not just surviving, but thriving. Successful restaurants place great emphasis on giving guests an enjoyable, happy, and delightful experience which will turn them into repeat visitors. 

A polite and friendly staff, minimal time spent in taking and serving orders, and a relaxed restaurant atmosphere are sure to leave a lasting impression on the minds of guests.

A happy and satisfied staff that is high on morale is also more likely to have positive interactions with customers.

Premier restaurants have evolved with time and become tech-savvy. The younger generations prefer to order food online and digitally book reservations.

6. Menu Design

Menus should provide variety but should not be too lengthy. Busy patrons don’t want to read an excessively long menu before dinner when they are hungry. A successful menu is simple, fresh, and has delicious options. 

Kids should be kept in mind while planning a menu. Families are an integral part of most restaurants’ target market. A few healthy preparations in smaller portions should be on the menu that youngsters will enjoy.

7. Prioritize Hygiene

Customers prefer to dine at a clean restaurant that serves fresh food.

Clean premises are also pleasant places to work at. Prioritizing hygiene in restaurants is essential to ensure the health and safety of customers and employees.

Employees should be well-groomed and in clean uniforms. All equipment and each table should be cleaned and sanitized after use. Unhygienic restaurants tend to flush away their repeat business. 

In the aftermath of deadly coronavirus, hygiene has become of utmost importance. Restaurants are required to maintain high hygiene standards to acquire and hold the license needed to run a restaurant. Many restaurants are shut down regularly for breach of safety and hygiene standards.

8. Skilled Management

A successful restaurant is run by an efficient and skilled management. 

Excellent communication skills are required to be a good manager. Each day, the management of a restaurant has to deal with customers and employees from different backgrounds, ages, genders, and nationalities. A good management team will communicate the restaurant’s mission, vision, and expectations to all the employees and make each and every employee understand their role.

The best management is one that listens more than it talks. The management has to tend to the day-to-day activities of the establishment, too, from ensuring the bar and kitchen is well-stacked to ensuring rules and protocols are diligently followed.

9. Marketing

With the introduction of various search engines, social media platforms, and online restaurant reviews, people usually choose to search for restaurants online. 

Most restaurants have a strong social media presence. Restaurants run well-thought out campaigns and post fresh content on their social media platforms regularly.

Many restaurants use attractive discounts to lure new customers and run loyalty programs to give regular patrons an incentive to keep coming back.

Other restaurants still prefer to use traditional marketing strategies such as billboard ads, newspaper advertising, radio and television ads, and ads, articles, and features in magazines. Word of mouth referrals, however, continue to remain one of the most effective marketing tools for restaurants.

10. Unique Selling Skill

A restaurant’s Unique Selling Skill or Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what differentiates it from the rest. Types of USPs include amazing location, delicious food, sound reputation, and an unmatched experience.

It takes time to develop an USP. A USP helps the restaurant to focus on its strengths and future goals. A USP also sends a strong message to customers as to why they should choose the restaurant over others in the industry.