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Seductive Entertainment and Flavorful Fare

If you’re looking for the best dinner restaurant in Philadelphia, look no further. We offer a show-stopping and unforgettable evening with seductive entertainment and flavorful fare that will satisfy any palate. Our restaurant is perfect for your rehearsal dinner or date night, as we have an amazing wine list and delicious cocktails to enjoy with your loved ones.

Our restaurant is also a great choice for private events and parties, as we can accommodate large groups to make your special event unforgettable. There’s really no way to know how great we are until you come pay us visit us in person, but we’ll still offer you five reasons why we should be your next stop for a night out.

  1. Our brand-new menu: Listening to our customers is our number one priority, so we completely transformed our menu for incredible tastes from every corner of the world. Be warned—you’ll never be satisfied with another restaurant’s hummus or desserts again!
  2. Our gorgeous terrace: Fabrika’s atmosphere is hands-down the best in the city. Inside and out, we are incredibly proud of the space and vibe we crafted for our clients. Once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave! (Luckily, we’re open late!)
  3. Our drool-worthy prix fixe options: We have various prix fixe menus that begin at $45 per person and four courses, and it only gets better from there. 
  4. The entertainment: Once again, it’s hard to convey the effect of our mesmerizing performers and entertainment until you come visit us. From drag brunch to contortionists to cabaret, it’s an ultimate feast for the eyes in addition to the one for your mouth!
  5. Our Private Party Rooms: We offer tons of options to upgrade your experience, from VIP couches to our private parties. If you want the best rehearsal dinner in Philadelphia, you don’t even have to trust us—just come visit our space and see for yourself.

We also know that our customers want to make sure that they aren’t risking their health by eating out. We take every precaution to prevent the spread of COVID, and to say that we have abundant space is an understatement. Every person can maintain social distance in our restaurant with the utmost ease. 

The best dinner house in Philadelphia is just one call or visit away. If you want to create the perfect gathering for your private party, we’ll help you every step of the way. But if you just want to stop in for something delicious after a long day at work, we’ve got you for that too. At Fabrika, we’re proud to say we’re flexible (and we’re not just talking about the contortionists!).

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