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Let Fabrika Be Your Partner In Wine

When running a bar and restaurant these days, one has to maintain a positive attitude, bring it to the business, and of course, keep customer’s glasses full. It’s important to survey the stockroom, prepare to serve tasty drinks, plan for upcoming events, and protect ourselves and our customers, all while clients are coming in and out of our fabulous venue.

Yes, managing a bar is challenging sometimes, but we always make sure business keeps on booming. Below are the four key points on why Fabrika has the best cocktail bar in Philadelphia.

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  • Our Bar Is Stocked: Filling the back of our bar cooler or refrigerator with some random liquors and mixers is not sufficient—we notice what our customers prefer and cater to them. We play it smart and can serve you a standard pour or a premium cocktail.
  • Enjoy Our Signature Cocktails: Since we only serve the best, we don’t just sling typical drinks. We have our own delectable signature creations that customers love. Therefore, for our regulars it’s a no brainer to choose our drinkers bar in Philadelphia over many other available options. We’re more than happy to take care of you and cater to your tastes.
  • Our Happy Hour and Events: Our happy hours are something our customers really rave about. The menu is completely wallet-friendly. Moreover, you get combo offers for groups. During our happy hours, we not just offer you some vintage wines, but you also have the option to try out some traditional cuisines.
  • Spot-On Bartenders: One of the important aspects behind the popularity of a successful drinkers pub in Philadelphia is the bartenders. Remember that running a bar industry has one of the highest turnover rates compared to other sectors. Therefore, we don’t just blindly hire immature people and spend on their training; instead, we focus on hiring the right bartenders who have prior experience in this field. In this manner, we serve you mouth-watering cocktails from people who are pleasant and understand our mission. During the day, our place is great for families, but later on, there’s a definite party atmosphere in the evening. You can enjoy the evening and dine later that night.

Get The Ultimate Facilities in The Fabrika Bar

Be it a hectic weekday or the weekend, we can cheer you up as you go bottoms up. Our setup can enlighten anyone’s mood; it is perfectly balanced, whether you need to relax a bit or perk up your spirits. If we were in your shoes, we would be sure not to miss happy hour with us. We are known to have one of the best bars in Philadelphia. You can enjoy yourself with a few friends or host a group party. We can help you set up everything perfectly.