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Business dinners can be fun and exciting, but very stressful for those planning them. Thankfully, there are many restaurants that host business dinners. Most restaurants have special areas specifically for business events

  • Choosing The Right Restaurant Any restaurant can host a dinner, but you should choose one that does it with great enthusiasm and energy. The establishment should have a variety of seating options, and plenty of standing room. A good restaurant will make all events flow as smoothly as the drinks they serve.
  • Setting The Date And Time of The Dinner Select a date and time that is convenient for all invitees. Forbes magazine has suggested that business dinners last for two to three hours, so plan the start and end times accordingly as you don’t want to rush your guests.
    A time frame works wonders to keep the flow of the evening going, especially if there is a toast, or a speech, or a presentation involved with the dinner.
  • Guest List After deciding on how many people will be attending the dinner party, create a guest list which includes the name of each invitee.
    Expect clients and colleagues invited to the dinner to bring their spouses along, so account for them when you make your guest list.
  • Invitations Create a simple yet formal invitation which includes the date, time, and directions to the restaurant. Ideally, invitations should be sent one or two weeks before the dinner.
  • Accessible Location Although people are usually happy to travel for a business meeting or dinner, make it as easy as possible for invitees to reach the venue. Keep the location central and convenient.
  • Ambience Choose a restaurant that has a casual setting, but is appropriate for a business dinner.
  • Special Dietary Requirements Ask your guests to provide you with information such as whether they are vegan, vegetarian, or have allergies to specific foods.
  • Make It Count A business dinner is a great place to talk business and cut deals against a more relaxed backdrop. Business dinners should lead to profitable future connections.
    They are a great setting to make a positive impression on prospective clients or partners. If all goes well, these events can lead to many long-lasting business relationships.
  • Budget As the host, you will be responsible for footing the bill. So keep your budget in mind when you are choosing a restaurant to host your business dinner.
    Choosing a restaurant cuts down on the amount of time and money spent in finding caterers, cleaners, and decorators that you might have had to handle.
  • Pre-Select The Alcohol A major chunk of your budget will be spent on beverages. Instead of letting guests order whatever brand of alcohol they want, you should coordinate with the restaurant to only offer alcohol that is within your budget.
  • Arrive At The Restaurant Early On the day of the business dinner, arrive at the venue early. Reserve the best seats for important clients and senior colleagues.

The key to planning the perfect business dinner party is not to overcomplicate it.

Fabrika is one of the best restaurants in Philadelphia where you can host a business dinner to promote your business in a luxurious yet relaxed ambience.