Why You Should Hit Fabrika First

Fabrika Restaurant

Restaurant owners were certainly not immune to the panic when Covid-19 turned nearly every US industry upside down. But bars and restaurants are already set to return in full force, if not even stronger than before. It’s really no surprise—after being stuck in the house for a year, who feels like spending hours cooking dinner after a long day at work? People generally want to eat something healthy enough while enjoying their evening, but most of us probably now cringe at the words “stay home,” much less crave doing so every night.
At FABRIKA, we give it all we’ve got to provide you incredible food, memorable ambience, and a generally great time. After all the days and nights of hard work, we are proud to be mentioned as one of the best places for dinner in Philadelphia. Following are ten solid reasons to give us a try next time you’re out in the city.

For some much-needed socialization

Getting in some social time is a vital part of our day-to-day life. A good restaurant is the perfect setting to not only enjoy some delicious food, but disconnect from the daily grind for a few hours of true relaxation. Socializing can put us in a much more positive and happy state of mind, especially if we usually go without this basic need while we’re working. That’s why regular stops at fun or relaxing public places are so important for our well-being.

For a break from constant cooking

Cooking all the time gets boring, if not immensely frustrating. Even if you don’t do it every single day, there’s meal planning, food shopping, and ingredient prepping to deal with all before you have begun making the meal in earnest. Whoever the chef of your house is, you can be sure that they need a break—occasional dining out is the least you could offer! If you do some light research before going out, you can even find restaurants with certain discounts, preferred cuisines, or special offers. 

For a little inspiration

Even individuals who appreciate and enjoy cooking regularly need to get out to cafés, restaurants, and eateries once in a while! Eating out can provide the chef in your life with ideas or motivation for trying new ingredients or incorporating new flavors. Maybe they will also discover a new dish or entire cuisine they may not have tried before.  

To switch up the regular routine

Having a daily routine is, for the most part, normal and healthy. But it’s also fundamental to deviate from the predictable at times to enjoy life and reduce stress. A mini mental vacation, even just for an evening, can actually improve your productivity when you return to work. If you are consistently performing a fast-paced or highly stressful routine, consider a little break before burning yourself out. A relaxing restaurant can provide a fresh environment and renew your mind a bit so you can perform your best the next time you need to be back on your A-game.

To try different cuisines

There are so many dishes that you will never try if you don’t make it a point to go to restaurants from time to time. Heading to a new place with friends or family and getting a taste of something new can open your eyes as well as your taste buds. There’s a whole world of authentic flavour out there!

To enjoy the ambience

From the decadent party hall to lighting that can suit any mood, we know how to serve an environment that is just as enticing as the food. When you search for a break from the ordinary, we should be first on your list. We rank in many Fishtown best restaurants lists, and we know better than anyone how to help you relax and enjoy the moment.

To experience incredible live music

We get the best DJs in town at Fabrika. Our beats will pump you up and energize you like nothing else can. If you’re not into certain genres, though, don’t worry—we offer a wide range to suit any musical taste or vibe you’re craving.

Because you just can’t copy our experience

Sometimes, we just want a meal that for one reason or another, we can’t make at home. These cravings might be endlessly complicated dishes, or even just exotic cuisines that we aren’t particularly familiar with. Additionally, many dishes may have fairly simple methods of preparation, but take hours to cook. At Fabrika, our world-class chefs are experts when it comes to meal concepts and preparing the best-tasting cuisine. We also value your preferences through offering many different cuisines and the ability to cater to different dietary needs.

To save while you spend

Our menu has plenty of healthy options that are easy on your wallet, too. We don’t just offer the best dinner in Philadelphia—we have combination offers and coupons that you can use for a delicious break from the monotony that won’t break the bank. Check out our menu and find the next best thing for your night out.