VIP Seating

For an elevated viewing experience, guests can select from one of our 6 VIP couches or 2 VIP private areas. 

Fabrika Couch Seating is offered on both floors.  

Our first floor VIP couch seating is front row center.  Closest table to the stage and the place to be seen! We have 2 couches on the ground floor.  One on either side of the stage.  Each couch holds up to 5 guests.  Pricing is $500.00 for the evening and includes the ticket price for up to 5 guests as well as a complimentary bottle of champagne. 

Our second-floor couch seating offers an elevated view of the performance in a space that is away from other guests.  We have 4 couches located on our mezzanine.  Two on each side of the stage.  These couches also hold up to 5 guests each and are priced at $400.  Pricing will include the ticket price for up to 5 guests as well as a complimentary bottle of champagne. In the event, you have a group of more than 5 you can reserve multiple couches and sit together.

In addition to our couch seating, we also offer private viewing areas on both of our balconies.  Each balcony consists of couches and tables and comes with a server dedicated solely to your group.

Our smaller area can hold up to 20 guests and pricing is $2000.00.  Price will include the show tickets for up to 20 guests. Our larger area can accommodate up to 30 guests and pricing is $3000.00.  Price does include the show tickets for up to 30 guests.  Our VIP balcony areas are ideal for larger groups that would like a private space with room to walk around and interact with each other.  

Fabrika also offers special VIP menus for all parties interested in private viewing areas.  Bottle service is also available at any VIP area.  Guests joining us in either of the balcony sections will have the opportunity to have one or several performers come to join you for pictures and meet and greets.  

We appreciate you considering us for your next event. Please complete the required fields below, or call. One of our team members will be in touch to further discuss your booking.

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